Sweet Cow Holdings, LLC
is in the land business.

We aim to create the best outcomes for property owners and developers by identifying and securing land with development potential. The results of which enhance, beautify and benefit the communities we serve.
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About Us

Sweet Cow Holdings, LLC was founded by Craig and Mari Calhoun in 2016 in McKinney Texas.

Like many good stories, one must dig down to get to the roots. At the core of Sweet Cow Holdings are two native Arizona families who loved raw land enough to settle in the arid desert of Arizona in the early 1900's. Craig's grandfather was a bus driver for Greyhound bus lines and was known to save up hard earned money to buy acres of land along his route from Phoenix to El Paso. Some of that land riddled with rattlesnakes and tumbleweeds was later sold and became a significant site for manufacturing companies like Intel Corporation.
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