Land Development

If your land has development potential, then we can help.

Developing your land can be like assembling a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Land development requires a core group of professionals to ensure a successful outcome. Sweet Cow will help walk you through the process. We have a solid team of Civil Engineers and consultants that will coordinate together with the jurisdiction to ensure all important and necessary criteria is covered.
Phase 1: Feasibility Study or Due Diligence
Upon contract initiation the Feasibility Study is kicked off. It is through the feasibility study where the property is studied for its development potential. During this time our engineering consultants will begin preparing layout options for the subdivision to optimize the use of the land for the needs of the market and homebuilders. The engineers will typically hold a "Pre-Development meeting" or sometimes called a "Pre-application conference" with the jurisdiction to review planning and zoning requirements as well as a preview of utilities and other city services.
Phase 2: Prepare Land Use Application
During this phase, the property will be studied in much greater detail and will aid in the formal submitting of the jurisdictions "Land Use Application." This extensive group of deeper studies will be performed as additional consultants will review the property which may include the Boundary Survey, Topography study, Traffic study, Circulation mapping, Stormwater and Drainage plan, Preliminary Utilties Plan, Preliminary Grading, Erosion plan, Landscape/ Mitigation/ Tree Preservation Plan. The resulting pertinent information will be included in the Land Use Application to the jurisdiction.
Phase 3: Application Deemed Complete
After receiving the application, the Jurisdiction will typically have 30 days to review and deem it complete. The jurisdiction will review all items required for the subdivision and if they think they need additional information, the 30-day period may begin again.
Phase 4: Preliminary Plat Application Approval
Once the application is deemed complete, the Jurisdiction will progress towards approval of the subdivision's "Preliminary Plat Approval" or what is often called "Entitlements". Depending on the particulars of the project, this may include Hearings Officer Review, Planning Commission Approval and/or City Council Approval. The Jurisdiction is typically bound by law to respond within a certain number of days but may ask for more information that would require a resubmittal.
Phase 5: Prepare Subdivision Engineering
After preliminary plat approval, this is where the engineers start the civil engineering details for the subdivision. This includes the detailed development's construction plans and specific locations for the utilities and any amenities.
Phase 6: Engineering Approval
This is the final approval step before the bulldozers and shovels can start moving. The Jurisdiction will review the engineering plans and reach out to finalize any necessary changes. After approval the Jurisdiction calls a meeting with all necessary contractors and consultants to review the construction schedule and process. Finally, the dirt can be moved and construction can begin.
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