About Us

Sweet Cow Holdings, LLC was founded by Craig and Mari Calhoun in 2016 in McKinney Texas.

Like many good stories, one must dig down to get to the roots. At the core of Sweet Cow Holdings are two native Arizona families who loved raw land enough to settle in the arid desert of Arizona in the early 1900's. Craig's grandfather was a bus driver for Greyhound bus lines and was known to save up hard earned money to buy acres of land along his route from Phoenix to El Paso. Some of that land riddled with rattlesnakes and tumbleweeds was later sold and became a significant site for manufacturing companies like Intel Corporation.
Mari has always had a deep connection with land. Her father couldn't pass a pasture of cows grazing without commenting on the beauty. Mari's father and grandfather had a habit of buying property with the primary purpose of teaching families how to work; moving dirt, digging post holes, setting fence posts, footings, culverts, ditches, subdividing,and ranching. Mari's extended family's business include residential subdivisions, high desert recreational properties, first gen solar infrastructure, and cactus farms.
Now in Texas, Craig and Mari find great satisfaction in the expansive opportunities to further the families interest in raw land.
We are pleased to welcome Preston Merrell to our team. Preston is a registered Professional Engineer and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Sweet Cow Holdings,LLC. He cut his teeth in Civil Engineering working on design, implementation and retrofit of institutional wastewater and water treatment facilities throughout the United States. His knowledge of the interaction between dirt and water and waste is something to be proud of. He graduated from BYU-Idaho with a BS in Civil Engineering and then from BYU-Provo with a MS in Civil Engineering. He loves his family, hiking, woodworking, scuba diving, church and community service and the joy of daily exercise.
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